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Matt grew up on the east coast with a family of passionate cooks.  He spent many days and nights hiding out in the kitchen with his grandparents preparing holiday meals and learning the ropes of Italian and French cooking techniques. After attending college and earning a business degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Matt decided that marketing would have to wait and cooking would be his main pursuit. He began working in restaurants in Jackson, WY before moving to Missoula,MT and cooking for a classic Italian bakery and a French inspired bistro.  He worked as a chef in a very well-known restaurant sourcing local ingredients and developing new menus weekly. He is currently the Executive Chef at a 20 person guest ranch near Ovando,MT. He and Sarah are currently the Estate Managers on a private island in Patagonia, Chile where they manage a staff team, spearhead maintenance needs, guide fly-fishing trips and share cooking responsibilities with the local kitchen staff. Matt's cooking style is heavily influenced by his childhood, using old-world methods and traditions. He is a master of all things pasta and combining the right sauces to accompany any dish. His new obsessions in the kitchen include cuisine from all over the world.  Dishes from south east Asia, Japan and Mexico are popping up on the menu daily. He has a myriad of talents in the kitchen and is able to teach a multitude of classes to those wishing to learn.  When not in the kitchen, Matt enjoys playing banjo, fly-fishing, guiding, fly tying and hitting the ski slopes in the winter.  Matt and his wife Sarah enjoy travelling around the world and spend much of their time off exploring new regions and researching new foods.  

Sarah grew up near the Gulf of Mexico and spent most of her childhood motoring around the rivers and bays waterskiing and fishing with her family.  She moved to Montana to work at Glacier National Park in 2000 and never looked back. She earned an Anthropology degree at the University of Montana and shortly thereafter decided to river guide on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rivers.  During the winters, Sarah travelled to many countries across Central and South America as well as Cuba and the Bahamas with a fly rod on her back. She fell in love with the people and the villages she travelled through and decided that she wanted to share her love of language and cultures with others. In 2011 Sarah decided to go back to school and earned degrees in Spanish and Education. She immediately landed a teaching job at a well-known private school in Missoula teaching Kindergarten through Eighth grade Spanish. While teaching, Sarah also worked at a few local music venues and guided fly-fishing trips in the summers and on her off days. Sarah continues to guide while also managing a 20-person guest ranch on the Blackfoot River during the summer and a private island estate in Patagonia, Chile in the winter. At the ranch, she also supports her husband Matt as Sous Chef, as well as for other private cooking jobs near and far across Montana, Idaho, Washington, Chile and Mexico. Working hard and travelling hard has always fueled her adventurous spirit.  While at home, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband Matt and their cattle dog Frida. They enjoy cooking, fishing, skiing and spending time with friends.  

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